I joined Cisco

Here’s a short personal update. I joined Cisco! I managed to achieve one of the dreams I had since obtaining my CCNA, the other being getting my CCIE which I did in 2019. Now I’m happy I joined Cisco as a Customer Delivery Architect.

IT blog awards

I’m honored and thrilled to be nominated as an IT Blog Award finalist in the category “most educational”. This blog started as a way to help myself learn stuff. I try to put things in words that are easy to understand. This nomination is a sign that I’m doing something right with this. Especially when you see my fellow nominees in this category. Each of those blogs are awesome and I’m honored (yes, I said that already) to be listed among them.

CCIE Achieved!

Like the title says. I’ve achieved my CCIE. I’m number #62198 I’ve done reviews of my first and second attempt. You can find them here: First attempt Second attempt I’ve also done a third attempt and failed that one. I didn’t have much to say about that attempt back then that I hadn’t already discussed in the earlier posts, so I didn’t write a post back then. Now however, after my fourth attempt I finally got the coveted number.

Second CCIE Lab attempt

So, my second attempt also resulted in a fail. This time was different though. While during my first attempt I was largely overcome by nerves and daunted by the sheer size of the lab that wasn’t the problem for this attempt. Of course I still had my share of nerves before the start, but it was nowhere near as bad. Last time I failed due to time restraints. I wasn’t able to finish the lab.

CCIE Lab attempt

Yesterday was my first attempt at the CCIE RS lab. I would have liked to write here that it would also be my only attempt, but unfortunately I failed. I already knew as I was walking out of the Cisco Brussels office that I did not pass, but the e-mail I received this morning removed all (if any) hope I had left. Pass, Pass, Fail, that was my verdict. I knew I was going to fail, but a pass, pass, pass, fail would have been a little bettter.