CCIE Challenge 4: Troubleshoot Ticket 2

This is the second troubleshooting challenge. I would rate this a 2 / 3p ticket. You can find the configs of the routers here. For those of you using EVE I included the UNL file in there. The topology is as follows: R1 wants to be able to reach R6 via telnet. Match the output below. R1#telnet 2002:C0A8:3806::6 Trying 2002:C0A8:3806::6 ... Open R6>exit [Connection to 2002:C0A8:3806::6 closed by foreign host] You are not allowed to change anything on R4.

CCIE Challenge 3: MPLS L3VPN

This challenge is split up in four parts. Make sure you achieve the desired goals, even after multiple reboots of the routers in your topology. The initial config files can be downloaded here. General restrictions: You are not allowed to modify any IP address on any interface You are not allowed to introduce any new interfaces Part 1: IGP. Configure OSPF area 0 on the links between R7, R8, R11 and R12 Lo0 is part of OSPF area 0 Configure EIGRP as 100 on the links between R8, R9, R10, R13 and R12 Make sure the EIGRP process supports delay measured in picoseconds Lo0 on R10 and R13 should be D EX routes Lo0 on R9 should be part of EIGRP as 100 as a native EIGRP route Configure RIP on the links between R7, R5, R6, R8 and R9 Redistribute between all processes on all possible routers Part 2: iBGP.