ACI PBR Firewall Insertion

I’m working on a series of posts concerning service graphs in ACI. In order for these posts I configured some stuff in my lab to demonstrate these functions. The series will take a long time for me to complete. To bridge the time between posts I decided to create a post about the PBR firewall integration I did in my lab. This post does not cover reasons for using PBR in great detail, but in my opinion the PBR type of service graphs are the most likely type to be encountered.

ACI L4L7 Service Insertion Pt. 1

Service Graphs are one of the most important features in ACI. The idea behind these service graphs is that you can create an application chain within ACI. Even better, you can configure the L4 to L7 devices directly from within ACI in an automated manner. Many of my customers have several questions about service insertion. The question I get asked the most is “should I use service graphs?”. The answer to this question, as usual, is: “It depends”.