CCIE Challenge 1: DMVPN FVRF local breakout

So, this is the first CCIEChallenge created by me. You need to achieve the following to pass the challenge: In the topology, please ignore R15. It has no role in this assignment. The initial config files can be downloaded here Set up a DMVPN between R14 (hub), R10 and R11 (spokes) This DMVPN needs to use the default route the routers have received from R12. The links between R12 and the other routers are part of the INTERNET VRF, the DMVPN should be member of the global routing table.

IPSec for DMVPN with Front Door VRFs

When you look at the blueprint for the CCIE lab exam you’ll notice a lot of separate items. These often appear as disparate things. When you study them you think you understand them and are able to apply them during a test. However, they don’t test your ability to configure separate technologies in isolated environments. They will test whether you understand the technologies and are able to combine them to make a solution work.